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According to a connection is “person you buy your dope from” Sorry fellllla’s I ain’t sellin’ dope here.

The Connection is an up and coming music blog that focuses on the connect between real song lyrics and real life. There is this connection between a song and the person listening to it, it like the invisible bridge that carries you off into a whole different world, the world of a song. Cliche’ sounding, I know, but we’ve all felt it when a song fits a situation in our life so perfectly it’s the like lyricist took our thoughts and put them to music. That’s the connection.

inspiration comes from all over, email us your favorite songs, stories, lyrics, whatever you're connected to

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Sleep Well- Lydia

"You like it more than ever,
And I can not stand this.
Because you like it more than ever”

This song sends shivers down my spine, it’s chilling, Lydia is an incredible band, if you haven’t listen to the yet, I suggest you try them out. They’re stunning to say the least.

Got you on my conscience where you wanna be
there in spite of all you’ve done to me
got you on my bad side and you’re leading me
so misleading, you’re so contagious now

—The Apathy Eulogy


We’re going to focus on the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the beautiful, the bitchy, the best sides of life. The ones that make us feel most like humans, the ones that make us feel like the most connected to our feelings and the world around us.

All in all this is just a place to come and listen to songs, some you could connect to, some you wont. You’re going to know some of the songs, some you might not.

Discovering new music is always fun, right?

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